Commercial Cleaning Business For Sale

A Commercial Cleaning Business For SALE is an excellent investment opportunity. This type business is a long-term income generator, has a strong reputation and is an affordable way to enter the market. Read on to learn more about how you can buy a Commercial Cleaner. The following article provides information on the sales lifecycle of this type of business.

This dry cleaner is a full-service business that has been located in the same area for 24 years. It is currently owned by a family. The business features extensive equipment and extensive marketing strategies. A second place goes to an established Commercial Cleaning and Property Management business specializing in healthcare facilities. The business is profitable and provides a great return on investment for the new owner. The business is well-maintained and will be well-marketed for potential customers. The company is based near major thoroughfares in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking for a way to start a business in a rural location, a well-established and profitable residential cleaning franchise might be the best option. These franchises can be found in many cities across the country. Many offer a wide range of services, including deep-cleaning. You can customize your service to meet the needs and preferences of your clients. You can offer a variety of services, depending on your location. This is an excellent investment opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

This Commercial Janitorial Franchisee is offering the sale to a long-standing, profitable residential cleaning business. This business has been providing cleaning services to its clients for over twenty years and has a strong reputation. The business is not well-known, although there are a few competitors. It is a proven concept with large protected territories. This makes it a great investment if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a cleaning business.

This type of franchise is a profitable commercial cleaning business that can be sold. The company has been operating for over 20 years. It is now profitable. A franchise’s attention to detail and honesty coupled with reliable employees has earned it a great reputation. Its 2008 gross income was $141,500 and its projected revenues for 2009 will reach $165k. Despite some challenges, it is a highly profitable and successful business in the Pittsburgh region.

The owner of the company is committed to satisfying its customers. The company also has a detailed checklist that details every aspect of a cleaning. The owner is committed maintaining good relationships with vendors. This business is a great investment for entrepreneurs. You can make great profits with this business. And you don’t have to worry about running out of money.

The business is profitable and established. It is part an international franchise with 400 locations across the globe. It is an independent business that specializes in cleaning and has a strong reputation for providing quality work. It has been operating in the same place for twenty years. It has a strong reputation for honesty as well as reliability. According to the company website, its gross income in 2008 was $141,500. In 2009, it is projected that it will earn more than $165k. It has a great reputation among clients and employees.

A successful cleaning business is available for sale. This is an excellent opportunity to invest for an experienced entrepreneur. The owner is dedicated to satisfying customer needs and has a detailed list of specifications for each building. The company is well-respected by customers and vendors, and has a solid client list in the Pittsburgh area. Entrepreneurs will find this business highly lucrative. A successful cleaning business is a very lucrative investment.

There are many advantages to purchasing a Commercial Cleaning Business. You can be part of a global cleaning franchise. Your business can easily grow across the country. A commercial cleaning business for sale is an ideal investment opportunity for people looking to start a home-based business. This industry is a great place to invest in a business. A franchise allows you to run the company in your locality.