The Creators

Chelsea Williams

A Colorado Native, Chelsea currently lives in Denver, CO. She is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, world traveler and serial entrepreneur. Chelsea started her career in Oil and Gas finance at an investment bank in Houston. While living in Houston, her mother passed away unexpectedly from uterine cancer. Losing her mother gave Chelsea a wake-up call that life is fragile and fleeting. She began making time in her life to discover the things that she loved doing—the things that made her feel alive. From this exploration, Chelsea signed up for yoga teacher training at BIG Power Yoga where she and Amara met and became friends during this time of vulnerability and personal growth. Yoga teacher training was just the beginning of Chelsea’s love for personal development and goal setting work and hasn’t stopped since 2013.

Since creating the Make Shit Happen Planner, Chelsea has grown both personally and professionally in ways she never thought possible—all from following her curiosity, owning her power and taking the risks. She is proud to say that she has created, and is continuing to create, a life she loves full of fun, freedom and abundance. She wants to inspire others to follow their intuition and their dreams too. Chelsea is passionate about sharing the tools that helped her create these major shifts in her own life—the tools that helped her get curious about what makes her feel alive and how to make shit happen! When Chelsea’s not working on Meraki Printing products, she can be found slaying her 9-5 job, practicing yoga, shaking in Lagree, hiking in the mountains, laughing, staying at home on the weekends with her husband and two samoyeds, traveling all over the globe and most likely drinking red wine with Amara.

Amara Depaul

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Amara is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga teacher and self-proclaimed goal digger. After working in the fashion industry for 16 years both abroad and in the U.S., Amara took a job in Oil and Gas as a natural gas broker. It was while working in this profession that Amara discovered the powerful practice of Baptiste yoga and began her training to get her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification from BIG Power Yoga in Houston. It was here that Amara and Chelsea met, and a wonderful friendship was born. Since then, Amara has completed an additional 200-hour certification through the Baptiste Institute and has been certified by Susanne Conrad to lead Lightyear Leadership. Both yoga and the goal work of Lightyear Leadership have given Amara access to leaving behind her comfort zone and pursuing new areas of growth. She has learned how to get out of her head and into living her life to the fullest.

Through this work, one day Amara realized that the time was NOW, not later, to pursue all the things she wanted in her life. Amara stopped, set a new goal for her life, trusted her intuition and made the leap to chase her dreams. She quit her job and started pursuing the things she loved; teaching more yoga, planning yoga retreats worldwide and inspiring others to follow their dreams. In other words, Amara made shit happen. Amara realized it was her choice to make her dreams a reality, and she wanted to share that realization with others. This became Amara’s WHY for creating the Make Shit Happen Planner. When she isn’t teaching yoga and workshops, setting goals, and inspiring others to achieve their own, Amara can be found traveling, climbing mountains, planning and leading yoga retreats and drinking red wine.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.“

- abraham lincOln

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