Tribe NOtes

I LOVE the planner. It is truly the best planner/journal I have ever used. The amount I have gotten accomplished this year is unreal!

- Kim, Florida

The planner is wonderful. The paper and binding are exquisite and feels good in the hand from both a textural and physical standpoint--this planner is just the right size! Thanks for including quotes from a diverse group of people! Kudos for a job very well done!

- Celeste, philadelphia

This by far is my favorite planner...very nice job! Awesome qualify.

- Scott, Detroit

I'm loving the heck out of mine ❤️

- Jess, Australia

I have been using my Make Shit Happen Planner for a month now and I LOVE it. Hands-down the best planner I have ever purchased; I hope you guys make one for 2018 as well!

- Rebecca, Ann Arbor

But must say, what a beautiful little piece of artwork this is! CANNOT WAIT TO BEGIN USING THIS! 🙂

- Ishan, India

The quality of printing is really good! Looking forward to using it and CRUSHING 2017!

- Adrian, Denmark

Well this is an AWESOME journal. So excited to have received it already; it's everything I expected and more. Good job on everything ladies, I'm ready to get s**t done!! 🙂

- Nikki, Canada

I just got my planner this morning just in time for Christmas!! Thank you very much. It’s a very good planner

- Phua, Malaysia

I just received my planner!!!! It was buried in snow, so grateful for the plastic wrap! I also think the planner is absolutely awesome! Thank you!

- rai, Michigan

Love the look and feel of it. Going to plunge right in and get my goals on the page.

- Phaedra, Netherlands

My planner arrived before the new year, its fabulous!

- Tori, London

Just got my planner and it looks amazing! Nice job, I'm so excited to use it!!!

- Lauren, New York

Received my planner in good time. I'm so excited! Also posted my pic to Meraki printing instagram! I cannot wait to sit down and start planning! You're simply the best!!! Happy Holidays to you! And THANK YOU!

- Kris, Illinois

Got my planner shortly after getting the shipping e-mail and I must say it is gorgeous and I am excited to utilize it! Thank you for making an amazing product!

- Katt, San Diego

The Planner is beautiful, and I can't wait to use it. Fabulous work! I'm looking forward to a 2018 version.

- Tara, Texas

I received the planner and gave it to a friend as a gift, she loved it. Thanks for such a wonderful project!

- Ihsan, Oman

Mine arrived this morning and it is absolutely stunning. Beautiful work, team! So excited to take on 2017 with this planner at my side.

- Jodi, Los Angeles